Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Donkey in Graphite WIP4

Background: I started with the window and had to change the perspective so I was looking up at the window rather than down in the reference photo. The interior shapes of pots and curtain just seem to evolve while I was shading so I encouraged them along to add interest. I changed the roof tiles to slates and made them look a bit old and the brick wall became wood panels. The broken cart wheel breaks up the panelling and the weeds are emerging slowly. I will probably need to darken the shadows of the wheel and weeds further down the road.
I will probably start the lefthand wall next being careful not to smudge the work on the right. Although I have lightly sketched in the steps of the mounting block I am considering replacing this with a stone water trough or even an old bath. ('you have done this all back to front Pauline!' I hear you professionals say, 'plan first, then background, start at the top left and work to bottom right')....maybe next time!

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