Saturday, 13 June 2009

Craft Miniatures

Well here is a the collection so far. Very fiddly to do but very rewarding. I need a bit more practice with the boxes but then I guess they look more realistic on the wonk! The wood is called Bass Wood from Hobbycraft, quite expensive but you only need little bits. The boxes measure 4.5x3 cm. The clay dried over night and I sanded, scraped and carved to tidy them up. The painting needed some experimentation. I found the best result was to mix watercolour paints with water and a little white gouache to make it opaque and some gum arabic to give it a subtle shine. (I think gouache paints would be preferable to watercolour but I only have white and black.) When dry I popped them in a box lid and jiggled them about whilst spraying with a satin varnish to seal. The basket for the bread and hot cross buns was an afterthought. I bought some rough garden string from the cheap shop, the local florist gave me some raffia for a donation in her charity box. I split the raffia and used a tapestry needle to sow the string in a coil shape to make the base and sides. The handle is made with 3 strands of string and raffia blanket stitch.

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