Monday, 22 June 2009

More miniature crafts

Some more fun pieces...the basket is wire interwoven with waxed linen thread then painted with acrylic paint with added gloss medium. The straw bits are actually hay from the local field and the eggs are made with flesh coloured Fimo.
The hats are crochet and the hat stands made with cocktail sticks and wooden beads sawn in half..this was the most difficult as the wood was so hard. I put a cocktail stick through the hole and supported it in Blu-tak to give me something to grip. I glued on a card base to cover the rough wood and some linen thread to cover the join. Gold acrylic paint to finish.
The market stall is large BBQ sticks sawn to length. The joints are glued and wound with waxed thread. The table is two lengths of flat beading from the DIY shop, cut in half and distressed to make 4 planks, glued to the support and then painted with burnt umber acrylic. The canopy is from a small piece of patchwork fabric cut and sewn to fit.

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