Friday, 31 July 2009


I think this is just about finished now, the hat wasn't as much of a challenge as I first thought, I kept a quite simple with a few light and dark shaded areas in the line of the weave then put more detail in some places.

Max WIP 2

Getting there, slow but sure. Whilst I have been working on the background and shirt I am continually adjusting the face and I have toned down the lips. The photo makes him look more rosy cheeked than the painting and I may yet tone this down. The straw hat is going to be a challenge.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Max WIP1

This is a picture of my great nephew on pale grey Clairefontaine Pastelmat in coloured pencil, size 23x17cm. It has taken me 5 hours today to get this far and there are a couple of WIP taken on the way.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Mixed Media

A couple of pictures I have done today, just felt like doing something different, quick & easy.
The ladies are from my imagination and the boy from my sketchbook. I started off with a fine waterproof pen outline. An even wash of watercolour and the detail and shading put in with coloured pencil.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Miniature Workshop

Yesterday I attended a workshop by Aza Adlam on the techiniques of miniature painting. It took me 2 hours or more to do the egg and over 3 hours for the apple and both smaller than a 20p piece. Watercolor on Ivorine painted under a magnifying glass. Wow, what patience the miniaturists must have. All those dots that are difficult to see with the naked eye but the camera has certainly found them. Not sure it is for me but Aza is a good tutor and I really enjoyed the challenge. It was surprisingly relaxing to do once you got in to the swing of it. I am going to try Aza's Silhouttes in Miniature workshop next, I think I will like that better as it is a bit quicker.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Maisie Bear

Such a terribly gloomy day here in Somerset, the light not good enough to paint so started a new project. Yesterday I chanced upon a video on You Tube showing how to do needle felting so I have spent 5 hours today making this sweet little teddy, 8cm high sitting down. The crocheted hat I made a few weeks ago and it fitted just perfectly.

Monday, 20 July 2009

On the Beach - finished

Four hours work on this today and it is just about finished but I will may give it more contrast when I have lived with it for a day or two. The photo is not a particulary good representation and it is too big for my scanner unless I stitch it together. 36x24cm. I'm calling it 'Mudlarks'. It was fun to do and the sea was easier than I expected.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

On the Beach WIP7

Some more groynes have been added showing the dry wood. The composition is more circular than triangular but I feel it still works. Hoping to finish this in the next hit.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

On the beach WIP6

I started with the groynes on the right as these were the least complicated and then decided to put some sea around them to see if they looked OK. I prefer to work from top right to bottom left so my hand doesn't rest on the finished work but there are exceptions and I will cover this with paper as I move along. I love doing the sand and pebbles. It is so easy to do a few twiddles and ovals to make stone shapes with bits of gravel in between. Although I have a reference photo I'm making the sea a little rougher than it actually was on the day. The distance sea needs some more work and I will probably take it a little higher on the horizon then add a touch of sky. This stage has taken me about 3 hours. The Fabriano Artisco is a cream colour paper {the photo has bleached it out} and it is hard to get the foam looking white. I am working entirely with Polychromos pencils but will add some aquarelle white at the end for more contrast and more spray.

Old Mill Gallery, Worton.

The South West Pencil Artists had their first exhibition at the Old Mill Gallery, Worton, Wiltshire last night. The Gallery has lots of atmosphere and good lighting. There are about 100 pictures from 20 artists in a wide range of subjects; botanical, fur and feathers, landscapes, portraits, buildings and more. Prices to suit a range of pockets. It is on today and Sunday and definitely worth a visit. There is also a wide range of greetings cards by the artists and some lovely jewellry for sale too. The village has an open garden weekend. A big thank you to those who arranged it so beautifully, I'm sure it will be a success and the first of many.

On the beach WIP5

The three paddlers. These only took about 30 minutes as I haven't given them much detail and played down the contrast to give them some distance. I made need to add more contrast once the sea is completed but for now I am happy with the way they look.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

On the beach WIP3

....the third little chap is finished and while I am working on the fourth I can now imagine the full picture. So I have taken a break from painting while I play around with my images in Photoshop to see if it works. I want to put some children paddling in the sea in the background and the wooden groynes coming across the diagonal from bottom left. This should create a pleasing triangle. The beach will be a mixture of sand and pebbles. At this stage I'm not sure whether to include a sky, if I do I will probably keep the horizon line high.

On the beach WIP2

Another little chap added although I haven't finished his legs yet as I ran out of pale pink pencil. These are actually the same boy but I have changed the colouring and modified the clothes a little. I haven't really planned this picture just doing it on the run and adding bits as I go along. It was the only way I could get started.

Monday, 13 July 2009

On the beach WIP

Two weeks away in the caravan and a week getting forms filled and pictures labelled for forthcoming exhibtions and I feel like I am starting from scratch with my art. I tried several things today to get me in art mode and finally I got hooked with this little chap.

Whilst walking along one of the promenades in Suffolk I spotted some children and teachers on a school outing dressed in Victorian clothes. Unfortunately I had no sketch book with me so a few distant shots with the camera was all I could manage. The photos weren't brilliant as unknowingly I had the camera on ISO1600 AGH!!!! Nevertheless I had a few outlines to work from and hope to make this into a beach scene. This little chap is 13cm high. Coloured pencil on Fabriano Artistico.