Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Maisie Bear

Such a terribly gloomy day here in Somerset, the light not good enough to paint so started a new project. Yesterday I chanced upon a video on You Tube showing how to do needle felting so I have spent 5 hours today making this sweet little teddy, 8cm high sitting down. The crocheted hat I made a few weeks ago and it fitted just perfectly.


Chrissy said...

This one looks to be jointed? A lovely project, he is very sweet and looks great in his little hat :D

Pauline said...

I felted the arms and legs after I had made them. In fact that wasn't as easy as I thought as I hadn't left enough fluffy bits to felt on so jointing would have probably been easier, I learnt by my mistakes on this one so next time I would do things slightly differently.