Sunday, 26 July 2009

Miniature Workshop

Yesterday I attended a workshop by Aza Adlam on the techiniques of miniature painting. It took me 2 hours or more to do the egg and over 3 hours for the apple and both smaller than a 20p piece. Watercolor on Ivorine painted under a magnifying glass. Wow, what patience the miniaturists must have. All those dots that are difficult to see with the naked eye but the camera has certainly found them. Not sure it is for me but Aza is a good tutor and I really enjoyed the challenge. It was surprisingly relaxing to do once you got in to the swing of it. I am going to try Aza's Silhouttes in Miniature workshop next, I think I will like that better as it is a bit quicker.


Tracy Hall: said...

Your hard work certainly paid off, Pauline - the egg and apple are terrific! I do hope you'll do some more :) The workshop sounds excellent.

Pauline said...

Thanks Tracy but I have a long way to go before I would attempt anything like yours they are amazing.