Wednesday, 15 July 2009

On the beach WIP3

....the third little chap is finished and while I am working on the fourth I can now imagine the full picture. So I have taken a break from painting while I play around with my images in Photoshop to see if it works. I want to put some children paddling in the sea in the background and the wooden groynes coming across the diagonal from bottom left. This should create a pleasing triangle. The beach will be a mixture of sand and pebbles. At this stage I'm not sure whether to include a sky, if I do I will probably keep the horizon line high.


Janet Pantry said...

Fascinating to read your thought processes on this, Pauline, the way you are building it up. Love those figures - some difficult poses there. Looking forward to more!

Pauline said...

Thank you Janet, they are all drawn from my photos of children in action. Not sure how I am going to tackle the sea, this will be a first for me.

Pauline said...
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