Saturday, 18 July 2009

On the beach WIP6

I started with the groynes on the right as these were the least complicated and then decided to put some sea around them to see if they looked OK. I prefer to work from top right to bottom left so my hand doesn't rest on the finished work but there are exceptions and I will cover this with paper as I move along. I love doing the sand and pebbles. It is so easy to do a few twiddles and ovals to make stone shapes with bits of gravel in between. Although I have a reference photo I'm making the sea a little rougher than it actually was on the day. The distance sea needs some more work and I will probably take it a little higher on the horizon then add a touch of sky. This stage has taken me about 3 hours. The Fabriano Artisco is a cream colour paper {the photo has bleached it out} and it is hard to get the foam looking white. I am working entirely with Polychromos pencils but will add some aquarelle white at the end for more contrast and more spray.

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