Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ship Ahoy!

Well, a big departure from CP, this one is acrylic, way out of my comfort zone but I so enjoyed doing it I may do another. Inspired by a photo I took in NZ of a boy at the top of Rangitoto, the volcanic island, overlooking Auckland Harbour. I have done my own interpretation of the scene and included the photo for comparison. The scan of the painting hasn't come out particularly well. 5x7in on canvas.


Janet Pantry said...

Nice picture Pauline, good to see the photo you worked from too. I like how you simplified and adapted the scene - takes some skill. Was working with acrylics much quicker than using cps, do you think? You certainly seem to have achieved the same level of detail in this one.

Pauline said...

I certainly feel more confident about putting my own ideas into my pictures. It actually took longer than I thought and I probably about the same time as a CP of the same size. I got frustrated waiting for the drying time, even though it was only 5 or 10 minutes a colour I lost the continuity that I get with CP. I also felt it was more of a mechanical process, couldn't move from one area to the other and back again without having to think about the consequences. I guess that is just practise. Having looked at the picture over the last couple of days I am going to do some tweaking. The cloud looks like smoke coming out of the hat and the t-shirt needs to be more vibrant. I painted the red over the blue sky and although I did several layers the blue still shows through and makes it dull.
Having a new boiler fitted next week and then grandsons for 3 days so doubt I will get around to it just yet. Agh! no art for over a week I will have withdrawal symptoms.