Sunday, 29 November 2009


This week I had a new delivery of Pastelmat in various colours and unfortunately the surface of the sheet of Anthracite is a bit suspect. It wasn't until after I cut it that I realised there was a distinct line across it, some strange shading on the reverse and the surface seemed much coarser than the other colours. Anyway having cut it and still in an experimental mode I decided to give it a try. I'm not totally happy with the owl probably because birds are not really my subject, and I may still do some more tweaking. The size is 25x25cm and I used various makes of pencil from the softest to the very hardest and even used some heat from an iron on the reverse to melt the wax in the lightest areas. This caused some cockling so I then had to glue it to a piece of mount board. I have been more impressionistic with the feathers than I would normally do but maybe it will grow on me.


pencilscribbles said...

I think your owl is wonderful and very expressive. Of course, you know better because you painted him, but to me from the screen feathers look fantastically detailed. Beautiful work!


Bev said...

Looks amazing Pauline, love the feathers. You and pastelmat seem to hit it off very well.


Pauline said...

Thanks Alex and Bev, pleased you like it and now i am looking at again I think it is better than I first thought.

Tracy Hall said...

Hi Pauline, his feathers look wonderfully soft and the eye is terrific! I was fascinated to hear you used heat, I didnt know about that.

dominique eichi said...

Beautiful piece ! how much time did this piece take you to do ?

Pauline said...

Thanks Tracy and Dominque
The owl took about 8 hours. The heat helps to melt the wax and move it into the valleys in the paper so you get better coverage with light colours on dark paper. However it is a fine line as to how much heat to use and I am still experimenting. There is quite a discussion about this on the UKCPS Yahoo group at the moment.

sue said...

I love your owl Pauline.

I haven't tried cps on pastelmat yet. I like this support for pastel but don't like many of the lighter colours which become a little garish in artificial light :o(

Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to experiment more after Christmas and I must also find time to check the UKCPS thread you have mentioned.

Look forward to seeing more like this