Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tiger WIP1

I have some lovely pictures of tigers I took at Marwell Zoo a few years ago and I have had several false starts in painting them, never happy with the way it was going and given up long before completion. I have kept them and hope one day to rework them but it seems to have given me a bit of a mental block on tigers. However, here I go again and so far I am a little happier with this one probably because I am using my favoured support, Pastelmat. I have done a rough underpainting in CP to highlight the main areas of colour and have started putting in the face detail. The tiger is lapping at the waters edge and I will need to invent a scene. Fortunately being a close up there isn't a lot of background required.


sue said...

This is off to a great start Pauline.
What brand of coloured pencils do you use with Pastelmat? When I get a break from commissions I have a lovely photo of a tiger I took at a big cat sanctuary last year which I'd love to tackle. I planned to draw it in cps on drafting film but seeing your work I'm tempted to try on Pastelmat. (So far I've only used pastels with this support).

Pauline said...

Sue I use the softer pencil, Karisma/prismacolor. But Polychromos are good for fine lines too.

wildlifeart said...

Great start! looking forward to seeing it grow

fellow artist :)

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Happy New Year 2010.