Sunday, 7 February 2010

A touch of Oils

Well at last I am back to the drawing board, with Christmas, grey days and DIY projects my enthusiasm for art dried up completely. However I have been doing some craft work so I guess I have still been testing my artistic abilities.

I enrolled in a 10 week art workshop with Nick Andrew to try and get some inspiration and to try my hand at oil painting. Well the first time I seemed to get paint everywhere, I was trying to be loose and free, not my usual style and flowers are not really my favourite subject but after 3 hours this is the result.

Next day at home my second attempt was an imagined landscape. Again not my prefered subject and I 'don't do green' so I have used muted mauves for this. Again it was 3 hours and I did manage to contain the paint better this time.

Day 3 and 4 (6 hours) I thought I would have a go at a portrait, a picture of a child I took in Florida 8 years ago. I have had several attempts to do this picture in CP without success and although this is definitely not loose and free I am pleased with the results so far. I may still do some tweaking.


Janet Pantry said...

Good to see your art again Pauline! I can identify with the dip in enthusiasm...know what that feels like! Tough transition from cp to oils but these are lovely. I can see your 'style' coming through in them. I love the portrait...all I'd say is maybe the white beads in her hair are a little strong and could detract from her cute little face. Really nicely done tho, :)

Pauline said...

Thanks Janet, I am thinking of glazing over the whole thing when it is dry this should tone down some of the white, I think, so new to me all this.

Bev said...

Nice one Pauline, you seem to be a natural at oils. I really like the landscape, the colours you've used work really well. I also think the little girl is excellent. I do agree with Janet about the beads but otherwise it's really good.