Monday, 22 March 2010

New Website

Today it is raining in Somerset and there is a cold wind blowing through the cracks so I have hunkered down by the fire with my laptop and updated my website . A necessary evil especially as someone pointed out this morning I had a glaring error on the old one. I used the new wizard that comes with my BT provider, much better than the old one but still not something I find easy to use. Oh how I wish I could afford to have it done professionally. I'm sure there will be some tweaking necessary but at least it will be easier to add new pictures.


Janet Pantry said...

It's raining here in Beds too :(
Like the new website, Pauline, I like dark grey as a background - it sets off your pics beautifully. I'm wondering if you'll put the sizes of your pics on there? I like to know sizes but that's just me! My faves are 'Shore Birds' and 'Je Text' - I love those two! :)

Bev said...

GREAT improvement Pauline, I really like it. I also love the grey background. I have chosen a grey bg for my new web design....if it ever gets finished!!!

Thanks for linking to me I will add yours to mine when I get around to updating.

Pauline said...

Thanks Bev and Janet, yes good idea to put the sizes on I didn't think of that.