Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cat finished

I put a cream background behind the drafting film before I scanned it to warm the whites a little.  The pinky/reds have come out stronger than reality.  I think I prefer to do furry creatures on Pastelmat rather than drafting film but it was good to have another try at this. Finished size is 10x14cm.


sue said...

Beautiful cat Pauline.

Do you use a coloured backing behind the film when working on it?

I've done a few cp pieces on drafting film (not Polydraw, but similar) and have always selected the background colour first and taped the film on top of the backing sheet when drawing. The colours appear so very different on film, depending on the background colour. I've only used black or white backings so far.

Working on film certainly speeds up the cp drawing process doesn't it.

Pauline said...

Thanks Sue, I have only used white before but I tried this one with beige and decided I didn't like it so reverted to white. I scanned the finished picture with cream, beige and white and decided the cream looked the best. I haven't thought of using black, must try it. Yes drafting film is certainly quicker and you can work on smaller picture too.

Janet Pantry said...

This is lovely, Pauline. It turned out rather well didn't it? Interesting to read about the process - any surface that speeds up the process of working with cps gets my vote!