Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tabby Cat Workshop

Here are a few pictures from the workshop I did for Somerset Skills and Learning in Wells.  There were 11 students, all beginners in coloured pencil.  Everyone did an amazing job with the eyes and made them look round and watery.  We had such a variety of fur textures from soft to spikey and even curly as they all found there individual style.  A couple of people managed to finish the picture and everyone else was happy to put there finishing touches in at home.  Well done to all, it was lovely to meet such enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing you at a future workshop.  Hope you enjoyed the experience and that it has given you confidence to try some more coloured pencil art.


Joan said...

Thank-you for a great day. I think we all learned a lot. My pencils arrived today so I'm looking forward to finishing off my tabby cat with such a beautiful range of colours.

Pauline said...

Your welcome Joan, I enjoyed it too, just sorry that a lot of people didn't have the correct pencils it would have been so much easier and with better results. Hope you like your new pencils. If you get stuck with anything email me and I will try to give some assistance.