Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wolf - Scraperboard

Remember scraperboard at school, I loved it and have since forgotten all about it.  But recently  I have come across a young wildlife artist Cristina Penescu , her work is amazing and I was so inspired I just had to have a go.  Well my order arrived in the post yesterday and I couldn't wait to get started and this is the result. 4x6 inches and 3 hours later.  No way do I come anywhere near Cristina's standard but I was pleased with the result.


sue said...

Brilliant - wouldn't know its your first time with scratchboard.

Thanks also for the link - her work is incredible isn't it. Another forum I belong to has a member who also does a lot of scratchboard work which may be of interest to you.

Bev said...

Very brave Pauline and a great result for a first time. Good on yer.

I am not going down that route, not brave enough, I couldnt stand the tension of wondering if each 'stroke' I did would end in disaster.

Karen said...

Super work Pauline. Cristina's work is amazing, thanks for the link.

Pauline said...

Thanks Sue, Bev and Karen. Yes, I was very impressed with Christina's art and keep going back to look at it. Thanks for the link to Patrick Sue, it's good to see what the professionals can do.