Monday, 21 June 2010

Llama Face WIP1

I started this yesterday afternoon whilst sat in the sun.  I have only to complete the bottom right corner.  Graphite on Mellotex 6"x4".  The llama is mostly white so quite a challenge for me to get the shading.  I might put this aside today and start on another llama picture in coloured pencil but still debating on which technique to use, so many choices.  Why can't I get white paper to look when I take the photo?


Janet Pantry said...

Lovely little drawing Pauline! You seem to be on a roll with your artwork at the moment, great to see.

Re. the white paper/digi image problem, I usually find that scanning the image in works better. However, I'm taking photos of my current drawing on white paper in natural daylight and in conjunction with a daylight lamp. Seems to work well. The picture comes up a little bright but I tone it down with my Serif photo software. White paper is much more of a problem than tinted papers, I think, when it comes to getting a good, accurate digi image. Hope this helps :)

sue said...

I'm envious Pauline - the sun has finally arrived and I've been commuting to and from London for a few days (all that pollution and dust - phew)!! and sitting in horrible hospital wards. I have two 'days off' from tomorrow but will need to catch up on some work and mustn't be tempted into the garden :-(

This is a lovely drawing - I think its great to get back to simple graphite work every now and then don't you?