Saturday, 19 June 2010

Nikita and a Lavender Field

After looking at Nikita sat on the mantelpiece for the past 24 hours I realised she needed a lot more work and not just a few tweaks.  She now has more contrast and shadow.  I have done more work on her eyes, nose, mouth and hair and hope this is much better.

I saw this lavender coming into flower in Falkland last Sunday.  While I had some other pictures drying out I did this 30 minute picture using Pastelmat and Zest-it.  Size 21x19cm.  I turned the stone wall into a fence and put more flowers on the lavender otherwise the rest is much as it was.  The shadows have come out a bit heavy in the image and the grass is a little brighter in reality.  Fun to try something different but landscapes are truly not my forte.
I have been racking my brains for tools to use with Zest-it.  Up until now I have used bits of washing up sponge cut up into various shapes, cottonbuds which are really too fluffy, and spirit in a water brush which is good for detail and hair but still needs something firm to move the pigment.  Today I bought some make-up sponges which are wedge shaped but not really firm enough.  The little eye-make up sticks wtih sponges on each end are quite good but  they are a bit short and the spongy bits keep falling off.  I also bought some impregnated cotton pads for removing nail varnish and they move large areas of pigment but I don't know what lasting effect they may have on the paper.  What I would really like are firm Colour Shapers that are absorbant, any suggestions?
I tried this new method of working on Fabriano paper without success so I will be sticking to Pastelmat.


Karen said...

I really like the portrait of Nikita, your extra work has really paid off. The lavender field is pretty too, I am so envious that you can do something like this in such a short time.

sue said...

The colours in Nikita's portrait look much stronger now. Did you darken the background too or is that the scanner's work?

Its a lovely portrait and one the family will treasure I'm sure.

I'm amazed at your speed with the lavender picture :o)

Pauline said...

Karen, it is the technique I am using with the Zest-it that speeds up the process. If I did these pictures conventionally they would have taken hours and hours.
Sue, I haven't put anymore on the background, however I did use a different camera and it has come out a little darker than the original despite some adjustment in photoshop.