Friday, 18 June 2010


Nikita is my great niece, painted from a reference photo by David, Nikita's uncle and my nephew.  She is so fair it was quite a challenge and will still need some tweaking, getting the transparency of the skin is hard and this image makes her looks as though she has a dirty face but the original is more subtle.  I have used the same method as with Charlie, disolving the pencil with Zest-it and blending with a cotton bud, sponge and fingers.  I started the picture with dry pencils several months ago and it wasn't going right so it was relegated to the bottom of the pile for future consideration.  Yesterday I was doing a short demonstration for a friends art group and decided to dig this one out and apply the solvent and I am pleased I did as it has come together well.


sue said...

Another lovely portrait Pauline. Is this on pastelmat (I know you like this support) :o)

Can you tell me where you buy Zest It please? I can't buy it in my local artshops and assume I'll have to source it online ... any recommendations? The only solvent i've tried has been a Homebase brush cleaner (which worked but smells horrible).


Pauline said...

Thanks Sue, yes it is Pastelmat. Jacksons sell Zest-it. I tried to order some today but there seemed to be a problem with their website. They do several sizes, it goes a long way so you will probably only need 125ml bottle.

Janet Pantry said...

This is another lovely portrait Pauline! I'm not a huge fan of solvents with cp but it seems to have worked really well on this one. Love the background colour too! What size is it?

sue said...

Thanks Pauline
I'll give it a go over the weekend.

Pauline said...

Thanks Janet, the size is 24x16cm. I do like experimenting with CP and I feel this give a slight oil painting feel and suits my way of working.....quick!

Bev said...

Really beautiful Pauline, you certainly have got a handle on this method. I like the background colour you have chosen, works so well with the pink. By the way she looks like you, I think its the eyes.