Monday, 21 June 2010

Tawny Owl

Last year I took some lovely photos while visiting Secret World.  Paul, my partner, is a volunteer rescue driver for them, picking up injured animals to be assessed, nursed and hopefully released back into the wild.  This is a resident owl who is quite tame and seemed very happy to pose for me.  I have been working this picture on and off over the past week trying out different Zest-it techniques on Pastelmat.  I am not totally happy with it as I lost some of the lights around the face and haven't been able to recover them.  I did try using fixitive but the white still didn't want to take.  I may resort to adding some white acrylic.  The body area is much better as I put down a thick layer of white Neocolour in the light spots and I would certainly do this again.  Painting feathers do not have the wow factor for me and I think it shows.  This one probably won't get to the framer.  Size is 26x18cm.

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