Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Llama in graphite

An up close and personal picture of a llama, graphite on Mellotex, size 15x12 cm.  I started this ages ago before I did the llama in CP and I only had the bottom right hand corner to do so one hour today and I finished it.  I may still darkend a few bits.


Here is one I have been working on over the past week in short snatches between doing other things not related to art.  This was fun, totally imagined, size 17x24cm Derwent W/C pencils wet an dry on Fabriano Artistco.  The light areas are a little brighter in reality.
I have a couple of art club exhibitions coming up in August and have decided which pictures to enter, just need to label, sort out the paperwork, deliver them and put my name down for stewarding.  I am now thinking hard about the exhibition I am doing in Ilminster in September with a couple of friends.  It seems to be coming up fast. I would have loved to have done completely new stuff that is themed but my work is rather eclectic and I do really want to sell pictures from the cupboard.  The financial situation has put such a damper on selling art at the moment, just hope I can at least cover my costs.
I have been going through some of my older work and realised I have moved on so much in 3 years that I can't possibly exhibit some of it so I have decided to recycle the frames.  I am also considering reworking some of the pieces, not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Harvest Mouse

I'm on a roll today but now the dark clouds have descended and the light isn't good enough to start another.  This one is 12x22cm  on light grey pastelmat.  I have used mostly tinted charcoal pencils with a touch of yellow and pink pastel to brighten it up.  I do like the charcoal they enable me to get the darks in quickly but they feel a little scratchy and slightly set my teeth on edge so I find myself gritting my teeth and ending up with an achy jaw.  Must think of another subject for tomorrow.

Running Scared

With nothing particular in mind except 'small, quick and loose' I rustled this one up in an hour this morning.  It is only 10x18cm on a yellowy Pastelmat.  I started off using tinted charcoal pencils for the background but then changed to pastel pencils for the hare.  I think I might try some more like this.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Rose Bug WIP3 and Finished

It was really nice to do something completely different and work on sanded paper for a change.  So much quicker and I have managed keep it painterly.
I am having a moan, I have just been filling in entry forms for my local art group exhibition and noticed that all greeting cards are to be priced at £1.50.  Mine are already priced up at £1.80 and £2.00 so I will boycott cards this year, hope others do the same. Agh!!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Rose Bug WIP1 & 2

I am working on this rose, a real change for me.  Derwent Artist Pencils on Fisher 400 size about 7"x5".  It doesn't look much at the moment but if it works I may do a couple more like this to mount and offer for sale at my local art club exhibition next month.  This underpainting is done with dry pencil.  Next stage is to bring in some detail but I am hoping this will still look painterly rather than botanical.


I have just about finished. This is certainly the best picture I have done of this beaded girl but still not totally happy with it.  The skin is quite painterly and I would have preferred it smoother.  I should have layered more carefully in the early stages.  I put the paper on a sheet of rigid plastic placed on a hot water bottle to try to blend a little more.  It certainly helped to melt the wax enough to blend with finger but it then became rather dull so had to work over it again.  I can hear my teachers comments on my school reports echoing in my ears.  'Must take more care  and not rush things!' agh if only I could.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

On the drawing board

This is a picture I have had a go at many times with various mediums and have never managed to achieve the look I wanted.  The last one being an oil painting earlier this year. This one started by accident while I was trying out different pencils on Stonehenge Black paper.  The reference photo was at hand and I decided to keep going.  Underneath my trusted Prismacolor are a mixture of Graphitint white and Derwent Tinted Charcoal.  The white seemed no different to any other white and the Tinted Charcoal was really too dark for this paper but interestingly the Prismacolor seemed to glide beautifully over the charcoal pencil.  So a little more experimentation required there I feel.  I also discovered that the Prismacolor plain wax pencil worked very well as a first layer reducing the amount of white I needed to cover the surface.  There is white under all the skin area even the darkest shadows.  I have just about finished the viewers left cheek, eye and the ear, but this morning I can see the right eye needs to be larger and I have a slight skew on the mouth and nose area.  The right cheek still needs a lot of blending and I have the beads and dress to do.  I am still not totally happy with it but feel it is my best interpretation of this sweet little girl that I have done to date.

Off to Art in Action near Oxford on Friday, hope it doesn't rain but not looking promising.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Beach Girls

Here are 3 pictures I have been working on over the past few days entirely from my imagination (unusual for me).  They are all 30x14cm, coloured pencil on light grey Pastelmat using Zest-it to blend.  I don't think they are worth framing but they were fun to do and may inspire me to do a bigger picture sometime in the future.  On the other hand I may print them as greetings cards.

Ladies in Lavender

Life's a beach

Scotch on the Rocks

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Llama in Coloured Pencil Finished

Finished at last although he may get a few more tweaks.  If you want to see the full WIP click here

Monday, 5 July 2010

Llama in Coloured Pencil WIP

I have been working on my llama today and I am really pleased with progress so far.  There are 4 updates. Click here to see the full work in progress. But here is where I am so far.