Thursday, 15 July 2010

On the drawing board

This is a picture I have had a go at many times with various mediums and have never managed to achieve the look I wanted.  The last one being an oil painting earlier this year. This one started by accident while I was trying out different pencils on Stonehenge Black paper.  The reference photo was at hand and I decided to keep going.  Underneath my trusted Prismacolor are a mixture of Graphitint white and Derwent Tinted Charcoal.  The white seemed no different to any other white and the Tinted Charcoal was really too dark for this paper but interestingly the Prismacolor seemed to glide beautifully over the charcoal pencil.  So a little more experimentation required there I feel.  I also discovered that the Prismacolor plain wax pencil worked very well as a first layer reducing the amount of white I needed to cover the surface.  There is white under all the skin area even the darkest shadows.  I have just about finished the viewers left cheek, eye and the ear, but this morning I can see the right eye needs to be larger and I have a slight skew on the mouth and nose area.  The right cheek still needs a lot of blending and I have the beads and dress to do.  I am still not totally happy with it but feel it is my best interpretation of this sweet little girl that I have done to date.

Off to Art in Action near Oxford on Friday, hope it doesn't rain but not looking promising.

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sue said...

Interesting findings re. Prismas over charcoal Pauline. I've done a few coloured pencil pics on black Canson paper and always struggled to get 'bright' whites without an overload of waxy build up. I usually resort to lots of fixative spraying between layers.

Lovely subject and one you should rightly be proud of I think.