Monday, 19 July 2010

Rose Bug WIP3 and Finished

It was really nice to do something completely different and work on sanded paper for a change.  So much quicker and I have managed keep it painterly.
I am having a moan, I have just been filling in entry forms for my local art group exhibition and noticed that all greeting cards are to be priced at £1.50.  Mine are already priced up at £1.80 and £2.00 so I will boycott cards this year, hope others do the same. Agh!!!


Janet Pantry said...

Gorgeous finish Pauline. I really like the colours on this and it does look painterly. Love that little bug too! :)

Pauline said...

Thanks Janet, not a patch on your flowers and I am not sure I really enjoyed doing it. I love real flowers and have loads of reference photos but really can't get my head around painting them. Think I will leave them to the experts and stick with my mammals.