Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Here is one I have been working on over the past week in short snatches between doing other things not related to art.  This was fun, totally imagined, size 17x24cm Derwent W/C pencils wet an dry on Fabriano Artistco.  The light areas are a little brighter in reality.
I have a couple of art club exhibitions coming up in August and have decided which pictures to enter, just need to label, sort out the paperwork, deliver them and put my name down for stewarding.  I am now thinking hard about the exhibition I am doing in Ilminster in September with a couple of friends.  It seems to be coming up fast. I would have loved to have done completely new stuff that is themed but my work is rather eclectic and I do really want to sell pictures from the cupboard.  The financial situation has put such a damper on selling art at the moment, just hope I can at least cover my costs.
I have been going through some of my older work and realised I have moved on so much in 3 years that I can't possibly exhibit some of it so I have decided to recycle the frames.  I am also considering reworking some of the pieces, not sure if this is a good idea or not.

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