Tuesday, 17 August 2010

UKCPS Exhibition 2010

I am delighted that all 4 of my pictures entered for the UKCPS exhibition to be held in Stamford, Lincolnshire in September have been accepted.  Last year I had one rejected so I must be doing something right.  For more information on the exhibition check out the blog.  http://ukcps.blogspot.com/

Itchy Feet


Times Past


sue said...

Congratulations Pauline. They are all great pictures but I love 'itchy feet' in particular.

I have 3 pictures in the exhibition but unfortunately won't be able to attend this year - just too far away

Janet Pantry said...

Well done Pauline! A real achievement to get 4 pictures accepted. They are all to your usual high standards, I particularly like Charlie. I won't make it to the exhibition this year either, sadly. Will you be going?

Pauline said...

Thanks Sue and Janet, sorry I won't be seeing you at Stamford. I will be demoing on the last day and staying for the AGM. I would like to go to the PV but not sure I can fit that in and the cost of 2trips...we will have to see.