Monday, 22 November 2010

Train Driver

I have been under the weather since the NEC with the seasonal virus which has laid me low.  No enthusiasm or energy for anything until today.  So finally got this finished.  Just need to think of a suitable title now, any suggestions?
Also received a wonderful comment on my Charlie portrait from well known Canadian CP artist Bernard Poulin "... "Charlie" is the most huggable portrait I have seen in a long, long time".  I was well chuffed.


Bev said...

Congratulations wonderful to have someone of his standing praise your work!!!

Cant think of a title except 'Contemplation' or 'Day Dreaming' as that's what he looks as if he is doing. Not very good...sorry. But I love this piece. I like the way you handled the light on the bit above his head, just enough to break up the black of the inside of the roof and the outside.

sue said...

David and I succumbed to the virus a few weeks ago and it really does take its toll ... so pleased to hear you are felling better now.

This is a lovely drawing but I'm hopeless with titles I'm afraid :o)

toemailer said...

nice one, love railroad stuff!

Karen said...

Super picture. My 'train' of thought is along the lines of 'Engine daze' 'Steam dreams' or something like.