Monday, 14 February 2011

Basset in graphite

I started this a few weeks ago as a fur demonstration for a U3A drawing class.  Today I decided to finish it.  It is the first time I have done a background in pencil and in reality it is not brilliant although it looks fairly smooth here.  Not sure what I am doing wrong so will need to experiment more before trying another but I was quite pleased with the dog.  The white fur looks a little blue due to the photograph, I should have scanned it really.  It's about 7" square on Mellotex.


sue said...

Hi Pauline
I've never done a background in graphite either ... I'd be afraid of all that graphite sheen!
Lovely subject though, and I can't see anything amiss here - methinks you may be too critical!

I've just realised that although I follow your Blog I didn't get updated when you posted. Hopefully I've remedied that now.

Gillian said...

What a wonderful expression - I like the cropped composition too.

Haven't heard of Mellotex - another one to try!