Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sketch Books

We have been doing lots of DIY trying to make more room in my bijoux house.  The floor space in my art studio measures 6'x7' and was full to the gunnels.  With some clever rethinking and a lot of hard work it is newly decorated with 2 drop down tables, shelves and a wall cupboard.  We now have room for Paul and his laptop and me and my table easel.  We have both done some serious decluttering and as a result I found all sorts of sketches, paintings and experimental pieces that were too good to throw out but not good enough to frame some going back to 2006 when I started doing art.  So, with the UKCPS exhibition in mind and the request for sketch books I spent most of yesterday trimming and sticking them on spare pages in part used sketch books.  I am not really good at using sketch books as I find I like to try things out on different papers and a little scrap is much less daunting than a huge page or I end up doing one little bit in the middle and not much else.  It was great to revisit some of the old pieces and see the progress.  I haven't bothered putting then in any order just as when they cropped up in the pile but most of them I have been able to date by year.  Three of the books are A5 and I had to pop into town for a suitable A4 book for the bigger ones that I didn't want to fold.  I still have a few A3 pictures with no home but they will stay in the portfolio for the time being.

I have kept book 3 exclusively for pen and graphite while the others contain a majority of coloured pencil.  I started this pup in January and somehow managed to cover his legs in glue so he got trimmed and became a portrait.  He needed some finishing off so he is my last entry.  He only measures 2" square.  Now I need to get inspired to get back to painting on paper rather than walls and doors.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Chuffed to bits

I entered the SAA Artist of the Year competition for the first time and was so surprised to receive a letter telling me that my entry 'Itchy Feet' in coloured pencils was awarded 'Commended Finalist'.  There were 6,000 entries and I am in the top 62.  The exhibition will be at 'It's All About Art' at The Business Design Centre, Islington from 21st to 23rd July 2011.

I have been neglecting my blog recently but I haven't been totally idle as I have been taking some coloured pencil workshops which have required quite a lot of preparation.  Hope to get back to drawing for pleasure again next week.