Monday, 26 September 2011

Self portrait WIP

Feeling both inspired and daunted by the UKCPS Exhibition I realise I need to up my game if I am to gain a place next year.  I can aspire to the skills of other artists but the imagination and creativity seem to be beyond me.  In those few moment before falling asleep or waking up the ideas come flowing but translating them into a piece of art is another matter.   So a little more experimentation is required.

I am using a very small black and white photo on a contact sheet taken in a studio when I was about 2 or 3 so there is not much detail.  The size of this pictures is a little bigger than A4 and I am using Prismacolor on light grey pastelmat.  In the past I have layered colours but this time I have gone straight in with the desired colour and tweaked a bit as necessary.  It is very grainy at the moment but I will by using Zest-it to smooth it out.  I don't like the harsh shadow on the forehead, although it appears like this on the photo so this will go.  The eyes are not quite right yet.  I always seem to have a problem lining features up when the head is on the tilt, I naturally want to straighten everything in line with the paper.  I may also have the top lip too wide but the mouth is slightly open so will wait a while before I adjust that.  I have used white, cream, a range of pinks, jade green, tuscan red and burnt umber.  I will work on the background next, this will be interesting as I need to reserve the curls.


sue said...

Oh dear ... so it isn't just me :-0

Found myself tossing and turning the other night mentally reviewing all my ref photos ... animal/vegetable/human etc. Mentally settled on two to work on and 'stretch myself' and then spent a further sleepless hour thinking of titles for these (as yet) non-existent artworks.

Hopefully we'll all settle down and sleep better in a week or two but this is off to a great start Pauline. Look forward to seeing it progress.

Pauline said...

.. and how many times have I thought of a title and then tried to fit my photos into it. LOL

Bev said...

Looks promising Pauline.

LOL I am glad I am not the only one who spends the nights tossing and turning and visualising my next picture and this an age thing or a creative thing? I would like to think it stems from having a very imaginative and creative mind. ;-)