Monday, 26 September 2011

Self Portrait WIP2

I adjusted some of the shading on the face and worked a little more on the eyes and mouth before scribbling in some greens and blues on the background.  In the second picture I have used Zest-it mineral spirit on the eyes, mouth and background but still have to do the flesh.  Notice how the spirit enhances the colour.  The background in this photo looks much bluer than in reality and I much prefer it so will have to give the picture another coat of a blue/grey.  I seem to be going great guns with this and I really don't want to do much more until I do the demo at the exhibition so will have to start something else tomorrow to make sure I keep my fingers off it.


sue said...

I can certainly see a resemblance Pauline :-)

Are you using frisket/masking film to protect the hair or just being careful ... I find it can be difficult to stop that slight 'bleed' of colour when using solvent?

Pauline said...

I haven't used Frisket Sue. For the large areas I use a cotton bud but make sure it isn't too saturated by wiping it in a tissue and create a barrier on the edge with a suitably coloured wax pencil. The rub it over with a piece of felt, tissue or finger. For the lips and eyes I used something called a 'pen nib' which is a fabulous find. You can get them from new member Alison at Kingfisher Crafts, they are used for Pergamano card making and I can only describe them as a felt tip pen core without the colour. I would like a slightly thicker one but apparently they only do the one size. They are a little short to hold but I am looking for a suitable clutch pencil to hold them.

Janet Pantry said...

Coming on nicely, Pauline, I look forward to seeing it develop. What a great idea to do a portrait of yourself as a child. Weren't you cute! Couldn't do me as a child though, I look so grumpy in all the pics I've got of me! Hehe.

Softly Drawn said...

I could instantly tell it was you Pauline, a wonderful portrait and weren't you bonny!

sue said...

Thanks Pauline I'll add 'pen-nibs' to the 'to buy' list.

I thought I'd escaped lightly this year with only one human in the list of Xmas commissions. Just heard today from a 'client' who phoned 2 months ago wanting a surprise Birthday present - portrait of his 2 grandchildren for his wife's birthday in December. When I didn't hear back from him following our original conversation I assumed he was a 'no-go' but now I have to slot this into the schedule. CPs on pastelmat using zest-it will be order of the day for speed I think!

You are certainly going great guns on this one!