Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Self Portrait WIP4

A few more tweaks to the mouth.  The Prismacolors weren't subtle enough so used Polychromos pinks, it is still a little lipsticky looking so I may tone it down more.  I have been gently touching in some shadows on the face with dry pencil as and when I spot something. 

A little experimenting on some spare paper and I quickly discovered I need to work the hair from dark to light.  So the hair slide is in and the first shadows of hair using a mid brown (I was very blonde at that age then went mousy before going almost white).  I have also tested a Neocolour white blended with spirit and I think it will work nicely for the dress.  I don't seem to have pale enough colours for the shadows on the folds on the dress but with an application of white over the top tones them down nicely so I feel more confident about doing the dress now.

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