Saturday, 8 October 2011


This is Ruby a Cairn Terrier.  I have restocked with Polydraw and it is such a long time since I used it I felt I needed to reacquaint myself with it so this is just a quick sketch to get me started again and it took just over an hour.  Size A5 with Polychromos.  I had forgotten how much I like working on Polydraw.

Here are 2 other pictures that I started at the UKCPS exhibition and recently finished.  The cat, another quick sketch, is done with Polychromos on Fabriano Classico and the portrait is from an old family photo of my Mum taken in the 1920s.  Polychromos Sepia pencil on Mellotex both about A5 size.

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sue said...

Lovely assortment of 'quick sketches' Pauline :-)
I also like drafting film because of its speed as you can't use many layers of cps. My exhibition giraffe took just two afternoons!

I can see a resemblence between you and your mum