Monday, 5 March 2012


After a long winter holiday in New Zealand with my son and then 3 weeks in Australia I have decided it was time to get back to art and blogging.

I was trying a few things out yesterday to get back in the swing without success.  Today I sketched a Koala from one of my many photos.  The size is about 26x35cm, Grey Pastelmat using Prismacolor pencils, and the creative juices seem to be flowing again.  This one little  corner has taken 2 hours.

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Sue Clinker said...

Welcome back Pauline - what a fabulous way to spend the Winter months :-)
Working with cps on Pastelmat does speed things up a little doesn't it, but I find I have to spray with Fixative several times as the colours seem to soak into the surface and dull very quickly - are you finding the same?
Love the Koala and the fact that he has got your creative juices flowing again