Sunday, 24 March 2013

A different medium

I felt like doing something different today so I got out my pastel pencils which I haven't used for a long time and a couple of soft pastels.  The support is Clarefontaine Pastelmat white.  Size is 26x30.  It's for a competition at my art club where we have been challenged to do a picture for the cover of a book of our choice.  This is the Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher.  The references for the girls are courtesy of WetCanvas and the background is imagined.  It was really nice to create something warm and sunny an a very cold and blustery day.


Bev said...

I really like the bright colours and the girls dresses blowing in the breeze, it has a lovely atmosphere. I haven't even thought about the competition, you are really quick off the mark. Nice one!

Sue Clinker said...

Lovely work Pauline.

Probably not the time to say that its 29deg (shade temp) in our garden just now. I'm really hoping the worst of the snow/freezing rain will be over by the time we return to Whitstable. Just 10 more days to go here in the warm.

Pauline said...

Thanks Bev and isn't this just what you need to get drawing again. How about a James Bond book done in ink.

I'm so envious of you Sue, at least we haven't had snow here in the west country but by golly it is so cold you might want to stay a bit longer.